Scott Turpin Chinese Medicine in Denver, Colorado is an alternative healthcare practice rooted in the wisdom of traditional Chinese Medicine and adapted to the needs of modern Colorado individuals.

Chinese Medicine has been practiced for at least 2,000 years. In ancient China the average lifespan of aristocracy is believed to be around 80 years, for average citizens, somewhere near 60 years! Compared to the ancient average European lifespan of 30 years, it is clear that Chinese Medicine developed and evolved to treat a much wider variety of health concerns and quality of life issues that arise over the course of a longer average life.

Illness, or dis-ease, is the result of many factors including environmental, genetic, and personal choices that create imbalance. Traditional Chinese medicine is a group of modalities developed over thousands of years to treat ailments of all sorts through the restoration of balance. Looking at each person as a whole and emphasizing prevention and health maintenance, Chinese Medicine can:

Address acute and chronic conditions

Improve and maintain health

Prevent injuries and recurrence


These treatment principles reduce stress imposed on the body; thus letting the body rest and recuperate to its fullest. This holistic medicine model is a patient-centered practice that focuses on the health of the whole person, your lifestyle, environment and goals. Traditional Chinese medicine is good for patients of all ages: children, adults and the elderly.

Using the principles of Chinese Medicine, Scott Turpin Chinese Medicine aims to offer personalized treatment options, provide a caring, comprehensive and attentive approach in restorative and integrative health care and to always hold each patient at the center of every health decision. More than just treating disease or illness, I strive to co-operatively develop a complete lifestyle plan for each patients continued health and focus treatment to restore and maintain balance and vitality in each life.